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Marketing Services

Smaller medical technology companies often have limited marketing staff. Marketing executives are traveling to establish early adopters for new technology along with setting up distribution channels. HRG can provide services that assist internal staff with activities that need attention when they have diverse marketing issues to address.

Market Analysis
In today's healthcare environment it is imperative to understand the needs of the marketplace. Providers, payers and consumers are all audiences that must be considered for market success. HRG can help management understand the opportunities and potential barriers for new products from each audience perspective. Payers are becoming increasingly important in this equation because they can limit product success if they do not see value in new technology.

After gaining a clear understanding of the current market, product differentiation and appropriate positioning within the array of therapeutic options is critical. Audiences must be made aware of where your product fits because providers are not going to be willing to move away from their standard of care without clinical and outcomes data that supports why your product will be a better option for defined patient categories. HRG has over 30 years of experience in properly positioning products.

Account Strategies
Establishing how a product should be introduced will improve its chances for success. Does the new product require extensive education to ensure that it is used properly? Are there Centers of Excellence that should be at the top of the list for early adoption? Will the product take business away from another physician specialist? HRG can help gain answers to these questions for developing the appropriate account strategy and determining the type of sales force or distributor network to implement.

Integrated Programs
Integrated marketing programs save money and increase impact. HRG can help management develop and implement programs that include educational material, public relations, promotional material, symposia and advertising.


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